Sunday, December 18, 2011

Home for Christmas

Friday was my last day in Bloomington until the fall. I spent some of the morning studying and had a breakfast and dance party with Christina and Mary Ellen when I was done. Mary Ellen made pineapple pancakes, Christina made french toast, and I was the DJ. It was one of the best parts of the entire semester and definitely a great way to end the year.

I took two finals that day, and I just found out that I got a B- in finite. I've never been this happy about a B-. I literally cried. I'm so glad that the semester is over and that I never have to worry about finite again. 

On Saturday morning, I woke up, packed all of my stuff, and headed home. Okay, maybe it wasn't that easy. My apartment complex constantly sends us annoying e-mails, and I've gotten in the habit of not reading them. Unfortunately, one of the e-mails that I ignored said that we had to be out at 10:00 on Saturday. I had to go to the center building and ask them for more move out time. When I was almost ready to go, I used my car key to unlock my trunk to put my last thing in the car. As if the morning weren't crazy enough already, I accidentally closed my keys in the trunk and had to call a locksmith.

I finally started driving home at 12:30. I always text Marie when I get to Carmel, and this time she invited me to come over. I hadn't seen her or her family since summer, so I decided to stop by for a few minutes. Marie's dogs, Sally, is one of my favorite dogs in the entire world. She is always so happy and excited for life.

Marie's mom took pictures of Marie, Martha and me by the tree. It was so great to see her wonderful family. They always make me laugh when I go visit. Marie is going to be in Florence when I'm in Barcelona, and I'm really hoping to go see her. 

When I got home last night, I watched some basketball with my parents and had a pretty relaxing evening. I had my first homemade meal in quite awhile. My mom made my favorite: porcupines (meatballs with rice), mashed potatoes, and rolls. It was great to finally be home with my parents.

My sister, Jessica, got home from Washington D.C. tonight at about 6:00. My parents and I all went to the air port to pick her up. There was a pretty tree at the airport, so I took a picture of my parents together next to it.

We were all so happy to see my sister when she got off of the plane. My family has started a new tradition of picking my sister up at the airport and heading to Hacienda for dinner. Jess and I took a picture by the tree before we headed to the restaurant.

Finally, all of the hungry Mailanders arrived at the restaurant to meet my grandma and enjoy a delicious Mexican meal. My family can be a little unorthodox at times, but it was great for all of us to be together.

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