Sunday, December 11, 2011

Indiana Basketball

One good thing about starting a blog is that it forces you to take a lot of pictures. Today is the first day of my blog, and I took a lot more pictures than I usually do. The first one is of me and Jason. He wore my favorite sweater, and we stood next to the very decorative Christmas Tree in my apartment.

After we took the picture, I took Jason, Willie, Tanner, and Tim to Subway to get lunch. Willie kept saying “Hey Jay, if you want to go to Jimmy John’s I’ll go with you,” but in the end we all decided that Subway was the better choice. I had a gift card that I forgot to use, but my meatball sub was delicious anyway. We listened to country music in the car and the boys pretended like they lived in the south. It was funny to see how much they appreciate Toby Keith.
When I dropped them off, I went home and tried to study before the Indiana vs. Kentucky basketball game. I was too nervous to actually get any work done. Indiana has had a streak of unsuccessful seasons, and everyone was excited to see whether or not the Hoosiers could pull it off. Austin came all the way from Lexington, wearing blue to proudly support the Wildcats.

Unfortunately, Austin was outnumbered by a room full of hopeful Hoosier fans. Mary Ellen and Christina huddled together on the floor, looking forward to the first IU victory against a number one team since 2002.

Jessica and Emily helped me look for Jason on the TV screen because he had seats right by the basket. We didn’t see him, but there were several instances where we thought we saw Jase dressed as Santa.

Tonight’s game was incredible. Indiana played better basketball than I have seen them play in my two and a half years as a student. My main hope was for them to stay close with Kentucky and to maybe win against the number one ranked team. When Watford made the three-pointer with less than five seconds to go, I couldn’t believe it. The Hoosiers had won the game with a final score of 73-72. I couldn’t even smile to take a picture because I was too shocked and excited. I am always proud to be a Hoosier, but tonight was special. I was so happy that we beat such a good team and ended a cycle of unsuccessful seasons.

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