Thursday, February 2, 2012

Patatas Bravas for Lunch

They have potatoes here called Patatas Bravas. I still haven't taken a picture of them, but they are delicious. I seriously order them almost everyday. Also, today it was very cold in the city, so I got a cup of coffee. I was shaking and shivering and Sam called me a Chihuahua. Tomorrow is the end of our intensive writing course which means we have an exam. I spent some time studying today and making plans for spring break. We are going to three different cities in Italy, and I am looking forward to the trip. I am actually trying to get enough sleep tonight, so I am going to stop writing. Hasta manana, amigos. Also, here's a riddle my little sister Nora told me tonight at dinner: Two mothers and two daughters put on three jackets. How is this possible? I'll let you know the answer tomorrow.

PS- two of these pictures (the one with Danni and the one of a button are from last night. The button was to flush the toilet. We thought it was odd, so we took a picture of it.)

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