Friday, January 27, 2012


Today, I had a test in my Intensive Writing Class, and then we watched a movie. After class, a group of us went out to lunch, and then we went to Montjuic, a mountain with a castle on top. It was a very fun day, and I got to see some pretty interesting things. The mountain offered a really great view of the entire city, and the view got better the higher we climbed. From the castle, we could literally see everything. We saw La Sagrada Familia from a high view, the Olympic Stadium, the University of Barcelona, and even my neighborhood. After we went to the castle, we walked down to the 1992 Olympic Stadium. I got to see the Olympic pool where kids now have swim practice. The Olympic building is absolutely incredible, and there are beautiful fountains everywhere. I got home at about 6:30, talked to some friends, and then had dinner with my family. We had sea food and rice and it was delicious. My family is very good at cooking, so I always look forward to dinner. Tonight, I have to do my presentation and I might go out. I am going on an excursion to Caminata and we're going to eat a traditional food called calcotada, which is a special kind of onion that you eat with your hands.

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