Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Segunda Dia

Today was such a great day. First, we woke up and had a meeting about excursions and a few other things. Then we all took a tour of the University of Barcelona (UB). Jason and I were trying to decide whether Notre Dame or Indiana University was prettier earlier this month, and now I can honestly say that neither one even comes close to UB. After the tour, we met with native Spanish speaking university students at the hotel to have a conversation exchange a wonderful lunch of traditional food from Barcelona. Then, we learned about the differences between Spanish and English families, and then our host families picked us up from the hotel. My host family is very fun. There is a mother, a father, a twelve year old girl named Julia, and twins named Marsal (a boy) and Nora (a girl). We ate a bean soup, chicken, bread, tortilla espanola, and salad for dinner. After dinner, I took a shower. The shower here is nothing like our shower in the United States. You have to sit down in the tub to use it. I accidentally sprayed water everywhere. It was kind of a mess. I don't have pictures of the tub yet, but I will definitely take some. After I showered, a group of us went out for sangria and played a game called "Hello Governor." You count to fifteen, but you say fourteen instead of seven and seven instead of fourteen. When you get to fifteen, you say "Hello Governor" in a British accent and start over from one, only this time you have to make a new rule for one of the numbers. For example, you could say, "You have to make a monkey noise" on number eight, and if the person doesn't make a monkey noise, then they have to drink and start back over from one. I am now back at the apartment, and ready to go to sleep in a little bit. It has been a very eventful day, and I am already beginning to feel more comfortable speaking Spanish than English. Here are the photos from my day.

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